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Prostate Milking
Learn the basics of prostate stimulation

Prostate Milking

What exactly is Prostate Milking?

Prostate milking is a term used to describe the massaging of the prostate for sexual stimulation.   The only way to reach the prostate is from inside the rectum and is located just inside the rectum.  When a male has an erection this causes the prostate to become engorged.  It is only then that applying pressure to the prostate that it becomes pleasurable.

The only real way to stimulate or milk the prostate is with a device called a prostate simulator.   This is accomplished by putting direct pressure on the prostate (very difficult and can be dangerous) or by a vibrator that cause vibrations through the whole area.   Men who have their prostate stimulated during intercourse or masturbation report that the orgasm is much deeper and the ejaculate is higher in volume and creamier in color.

For a list of devices that can be used for effective prostate milking – click here.

prostate milking

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